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Welcome to Ally Capital Collab and Endowment. Our mission is to solve the problem of underinvestment in BIPOC companies by changing WHO and HOW we invest in PEOPLE.

The Ally Capital Collab Endowment (“ACC Endowment”) is a public charity committed to supporting and funding the capacity building, technical assistance, working capital, and direct investment into funds committed to investing in inclusive entrepreneurs. 

The funds cover the key stages of a company’s life cycle and are able to invest at those critical inflection points: Pre-Seed, Seed, Early Stage, Early Growth. They are committed to climate change, cleantech, sustainability, and environmental justice. They are active in sectors like media, cleantech/climate tech, agtech, fintech, manufacturing, supply chain management, and consumption — all areas with huge impact related to equity, equality, and sustainability.



Society underinvests in BIPOC female innovation, funds, founders, and companies and continues to ignore the threat to our planet. Diverse communities, who are hit first and hardest from climate change, are often the best positioned to effectuate change, but are consistently overlooked as a source of solutions. The U.S. economy suffers most.


Ally Capital Collab is here to change that. They are a collaboration of BIPOC female-led funds that represent the key stages of a company’s life cycle and are able to invest at critical inflection points.


Collectively, ACC is raising $250 million to be deployed and actively managed across its funds. They are driving sustainable economic and equitable impact by unlocking $1 billion for BIPOC fund managers, investing in thousands of BIPOC companies, and creating jobs across the country.  

The Ally Capital Collab Endowment accepts cash contributions from individuals and companies; grants and distributions from donor-advised funds, foundations, and charitable trusts; and anything with established or appraisable value, including cryptocurrency, real estate, stocks, bonds, privately held business interests, fund manager carried interest, and collectible art. 

Change the Capital Flow. Change the World. 


Our theory of change is derived from what has worked well for communities of color in other areas of market shifting change. Namely, mobilizing and activating cross-sections of stakeholders - individuals, prominent CEOs, business and political leaders, communities, local leaders, corporations, and foundations - aka ALLIES. Building a collaborative, ecosystem approach to supporting, growing, and capitalizing funds and companies can unlock tremendous opportunities that benefit society, the economy, and the planet.


The inaugural cohort of BIPOC female venture capital fund managers that comprise the Ally Capital Collab are reimagining BIPOC investing to tackle the economic gap and climate injustices that continue to grow. 

In partnership with our allies that span individuals, corporations, family offices, foundations, political and community leaders, we are solving Economic and Sustainability Gaps.  We are investing in innovative industries, products, and services so that we are expanding our economy, mitigating climate change, creating jobs and access to opportunities while growing thriving neighborhoods.

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